Evolutionary Biology of the Built Environment Working Group: Call for Participants #NESCent #microBEnet

Call for participants for a meeting on Evolutionary Biology of the Built Environment.  Details copied from the announcement and posted below: The Basics: We need your help. We are organizing the first working group aimed at understanding the evolutionary biology of the built environment–our bedrooms, our houses, our backyards and our cities. This working group will occur June …

New Sloan-funded program in microbiology of the built environment: Curtis Huttenhower, public transit associated microbes

The last of the new Sloan grants is a project called “Transmission and alteration of the human microbiome by urban public transportation systems” which is being managed by Curtis Huttenhower at the Harvard Public School of Health, along with his Co-PI, Jack Spengler. Detailed description below:

People Behind the Science Interviews: James Scott, testing methods for building materials

Next in our “People Behind the Science” series is an interview with James Scott from the University of Toronto. Dr. Scott has recently received a Sloan grant to work on “Improved Testing Methods for Common Building Materials”. In this interview he talks about this project and his interest in the field. Transcript of video:

New Sloan-funded program in microbiology of built environment: James Scott, To design improved testing methods for common building materials

Another one of the Sloan-funded projects from the RFP held this year is being managed by James Scott from the University of Toronto.  It’s entitled “To design improved testing methods for common building materials”.  The Co-PIs on the project are Eric Savory (University of Western Ontario), Richard Summerbell (Sporometrics Inc.), and John Pogacar (Anderson Building …

Save the Date: Annual Sloan Microbiology of the Built Environment Meeting will be May 22-24 2013 in Boulder, CO

The dates of May 22-24th were set today at the end of the VAMPS/QIIME workshop in Boulder (more about that later). The dates have been choose to coordinate with ASM 2013, which is in Denver from May 18-21st.  Anyone attending ASM should just be able to take a shuttle up to Boulder for the Sloan …

New Sloan-funded program in microbiology of built environment: Jill Banfield, ICU microbiome and infant gut microbiome

The second new project to receive funding from the Sloan foundation is a project entitled “Analysis of the ICU room environment as a source of microorganisms colonizing the GI tract of premature infants”.  This project is being managed by Jill Banfield at UC Berkeley, along with her Co-PIs; Michael Morowitz (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine) …

New Sloan-funded project in microbiology of the built environment – Jack Gilbert, Hospital Microbiome study

The Sloan Foundation has just announced funding for another two projects, we’ll be posting details here. The first project is called the “Hospital Microbiome Study” and will be managed by Jack Gilbert (University of Chicago) and Captain Benjamin Kirkup at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.  Check out the project website here.