Announcement of VERVE Net on — a forum for discussing methods in virus ecology

Posting this which I received by email:


We are thrilled to announce the launch of VERVE Net (, an on-line platform that equips the virus ecology community with a means to easily run, modify, publish and discuss laboratory, field and bioinformatic protocols. The forum also provides new ways to navigate the literature (a publication recommendation feature called PubChase), to increase connectivity of the community (e.g. job and conference postings), and to open the door to new collaborations. You can use the platform from a laptop, tablet or smart phone, at sea, and while in the lab.

VERVE Net sits within the broader online methods discussion ecosystem, and thus any and all microbial ecology methods can find a home here. Researchers supported through MMI’s Experimental Model Systems portfolio (genetic tool development in marine protists) may recognize our earlier recommendation to explore for your methods development activities.

Please read the press release for additional information:

Check it out!

– MMI Team

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