Retroblogging seminars: notes from talk by Charlie Yanofsky in 1991

I have been going through old files and notes and scanning some of the more interesting things.  One thing I personally find fascinating are notes from talks from a whiles back.  So I am going to post some of these notes – in a method I call “retroblogging”.  Perhaps I will fake-live-tweet these past talks at some point too.  But even without the social media hoopla I believe it is very informative to look at what people were talking about in seminars 20 or so years ago.

For today’s retroblogging I am posting notes from a talk from 1991 by Charlie Yanofsky an amazing scientist who, among other things, did fundamental work on the nature of gene regulation and genome structure in bacteria.  Oh, and he was a great advisor to me when I was in grad school.  One side note – Charlie was one of the few people who, when I was a grad. student, encouraged me to continue the informatics work I was doing when many others said things like “bioinformatics is not real science.”


Yanofsky1Yanofsky2Yanofsky4 Yanofsky3


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