Thousands of microbes found in house dust – BBC News

There is a story in BBC News on the new paper from the Wildlife of Your Homes Project.  By Rebecca Morelle.

The dust in our homes contains an average of 9,000 different types of fungi and bacteria, a study suggests.

Source: Thousands of microbes found in house dust – BBC News

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  1. BBC News: please check with reliable sources what species you show in your pieces of news. The first picture in your article is not an Aspergillus, but a deuteromycete belonging in a taxonomically different Class, the Zygomycota. Boulder ecologists: please check whether the fungus is active before you speak about what “the fungus is doing” on top of a dry door. Fungi on top of a dry door are doing nothing else than waiting for better times (available water) in order to perform some ecology. Heard about Sleeping Beauty?

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