Cool: James Clemens High School-Hudson Alpha Classroom Microbiome Project

I love the idea behind this:

And see the associated story in AL.Com by Lee Roop Scientists study the microbiome – the bacteria, viruses and fungi – living in an Alabama high school.  Basically this is a partnership between Hudson Alpha and a local school on doing the microbiome of their classroom.

Though I would note – some the statements in the article are not quite accurate (e.g., “No one has ever looked at the types of bacteria that are present in a school, so this really gives insight into something that a lot of people of wondering but have never actually looked at.” and “It is one of the first examples of taking cutting-edge science and putting it into students’ hands to help them solve real-world science problems”).  But I will let these things slide here since it is great to see this happening in a high school class.

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