“Strategy for American Innovation” – feedback being requested – drown them in microbe-themed emails

Well, it looks like the White House is requesting feedback on funding priorities relating to Science and Technology topics.  See  Federal Register | Strategy for American Innovation.  In the summary they write:

The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council request public comments to provide input into an upcoming update of the Strategy for American Innovation, which helps to guide the Administration’s efforts to promote lasting economic growth and competitiveness through policies that support transformative American innovation in products, processes, and services and spur new fundamental discoveries that in the long run lead to growing economic prosperity and rising living standards. These efforts include policies to promote critical components of the American innovation ecosystem, including scientific research and development (R&D), technical workforce, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, advanced manufacturing, and others. The strategy also provides an important framework to channel these Federal investments in innovation capacity towards innovative activity for specific national priorities. The public input provided through this notice will inform the deliberations of the National Economic Council and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, which are together responsible for publishing an updated Strategy for American Innovation.

To send your feedback the best way is email to innovationstrategy@ostp.gov. Include [Strategy for American Innovation] in the subject line of the message

To see the current “Strategy for American Innovation” go here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/innovation/strategy.

One area of particular interest (highlighted to me by Paul Dodd from the UC Davis Office of Research).

7) What emerging areas of scientific and technological innovation merit greater Federal investment, and how can that investment be structured for maximum impact?

So – everyone out there – send in your ideas in this area.  I for one am going to send in ideas about microbiomes and microbial ecology and the value in connecting these fields to other areas such as building science, medicine, agriculture, etc …  And I would suggest others out there flood the OSTP with microbe themed topics.

Funding Ideas

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