Germophobia story of the day: Newsweek and Marissa Rothkopf Bates on “Gadget Lust”

Well, just saw this: Gadget Lust: Keeping the Germs (and the Hypochondria) at BayI know this article is partly an attempt to be funny (which I think it succeeded at) but even so, the level of germophobia is pretty astonishing.  Actually, though I cringe at germophobia many of the things discussed in this article are perhaps not completely over the top on their own.  For exampe, the camelbak travel water filter seems potentially useful.  The trayguard for the airplane tray seems a but much but I guess I can see why someone might want one.  The phone sterilizer seems silly unless (1) you share your phone with lots of other people or (2) you use your phone to clean the bathroom.  But it is really the sum total of the germophobia that gets me with not even a mention of the concept that killing all germs may not always be the best idea.  Oh well …

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