The science of designing portable classrooms on Newshour (though no microbiology per se — yet)

Heard a very interesting story on NewsHour yesterday about portable classrooms: The story is reported by Katie Campbell of KCTS in Seattle. Some of the issues discussed in the context of “reinventing” portable classrooms include carbon dioxide monitoring, sustainability and the Living Building Standards, using solar for electricity, natural ventilation instead of noisy HVAC units, and more. The program features Ric Cochrane of the Seed Collaborative which designed one of the new, “greener” portable classrooms. Some more about their work on this can be found on their blog: Our first SEEDclassroom takes root. Seems to me that these could make excellent model systemms for styding microbiomes of the built environment too. I am contacting Cochrane to make the suggestion and see if he would be interested in this type of thing …

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Jonathan Eisen

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